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Monday, August 3

WhEn I GrOw Up

While sibuk2 kemas umah nie..tjumpa la bunch of old my parent wedding album yg dh kcau-bilau..nie msti angkara bebdk neh, so alang2 ngah rajin nie.. nak arrange all the photos neatly in new album..kecoh la plak ak mbebel kt mak suh bli album baru nak letak gmbr2 tue..syg je klu gmbr tue rosak...

Looking at those old photos cam best plak..reminisce the photos ms baby attract me the i turn from a cute little baby to a grumpy n hideous monster! haha... but stil the signature look/pose tue x b'ubah sgt.. sgt2 x reti nak senyum n sokmo duk wat muka sombong... :D dh muak dh dgr org ckp ak smbong nie..well peeps..sombong ke ak neh? ('Im Miss Arrogant')

Check it out some of the old photos of mine..ngeee..cumel nyer diriku...haha

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