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Monday, November 2

bLoG - NeW AdDicTioN

Ideveloped new addition now..BLOGGING..yahh..i mean not ordinary blog writing n stuff.. more to explore others' interesting blog..quite fun actually coz byk info n things that i've get n learn..mostly foreign ny blog lah..coz their blog mcm more focus to certain2 thing like their hobbies n stuff..yelah asyik2 je blog xde hala tuju kan, jd tempat mluahkn prsn mine for example...haha..ade ak kesah?...what im trying 2 say is, i found many interesting blog yg bkn stkt mhiburkan org baca but also give many berguna la thats what im trying 2 do with mine..

Btw ngah plan nak wat 1 blog ntuk korang dwnload lagu or movie..since dah byk sgt collection of mine..u name it..i think i have it all lah..except lagu indie, indon yg ngarut2 tue..that one carik sendrik! that maybe people can request what song they one, and i'll get it for them n kindly send to those people lh..hehe..baek nyer hati ku...

Stil in planning..for time being i'll put everything in this blog..
so people..any request let me know k..

see ya..adios..berambos

~im bringging sexy back yeahh..alalalala~

p/s: maap dri ku yg sgt sengal ini

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