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Tuesday, November 17

EaT Me

What a lazy day, too lazy too write diz blog..huhuhu..well, juz upload the photo then. I cooked Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api diz morning...I also fried telur dadar to be eaten with the rice n msk lemk..quite nice lah, since i like spicy food.. n to add-up the spiciness, i took cili padi n eat as ulam. Since theres no smbal belacan, i just eat the cili raw. Sometime I prefer eat it that way. Alhamdulillah, Im full now..ahakks..n i had become much more lazier n even thinking of taking a nap..nayyy...wait for another 1 hour lh..nasi bru je nk tru..hehehe

 *p/s: i had the same meal for dinner n i ate twice as much than what i had for lunch...hahaha


  1. menyelera kn....
    nmpk sgt sedap....
    tringin nk mkn....




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