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Wednesday, November 4


p/s: cian kt incik tikus ini..alololo...

Adoiii...skt kepale again..tensi btul lah..but cam laen je skt kpale nie coz dier attack bhgn kpale kt belah mcm mcucuk2 kt kpale nie..huhuuhu..i know its not what it is? huhhhu...asek2 je begini...

if only i can inside my head n really see whats going wrong..mgkin der wayar yg berbelit2 dln kpale ader skru2 yg longgar kt mn2...sbb semenjak 2 menjak nie agak kurang waras skit dri ku..hahaha

but rite now sgt2 suffer with the pain...
hope it gets better..

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