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Wednesday, November 4

SpaGheTTi BoLogNaiSe of my favourit dishes of all time

here a recipes for a quick-made spaghetti bolognaise:

1) 1 sachet of spaghetti noodle - boiled in water n add up some olive oil

2) 1 bottle of spaghetti sauce of any brand ( i prefer LEGO brand ), if you cant find any spaghetti sauce, u can make it own your own..
- tomato puree
- blended tomatoes , chillies
- capsicum
- thyme (herbs)
- bay leaves
4)1 can of button mushroom
5)100gm of minced beef/chicken ( i prefer RAMLI beef minced )
6)Mixed herbs (thyme, bay, rosemary)


jalapeno sauce

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