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Wednesday, December 2

1st Dec

Haiyaaa....1st Dec already meh? rs mcm x pcaye woo..time move so fast.... Dont' know what am i suppose 2 feel 2 neither happy nor sad.... just stuck in between those.. try 2 figure out what ive been through n had achieve so far..hurmm... let review it on 31st Dec nnt okayyy..

But as for 2day, a bit pressure..ive handle things that im not good at n most something that ive fear..close 2 hving phobia i guess...u guys might be wondering what it is? i tell u, i fear that thing more than i fear dying off street...huhu..thats too much  too said isnt it..nayyy...dying off street is scarier..

Now, Im facing my bigggest challenge on the need to conquer my fear..right now..i feel so stressed out, scared, nervous, my heart beat faster, ditzy, nausea, n my body are shaking as i mention about this thing u guy wondering, let me tell is something that i think most of u guys did well, n easy too..but unfortunately not for because of my i kinda trauma.

For now..i hope..i really2 hope that i can do it n have fun instead of stressed out...wish me luck buddies... I wish that everything goes smoothly..Insyallah...

ohh goshh....
here i am...
scare for what tomorrow might bring

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