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Thursday, December 24

MaKan SajE Lah KaU Nie

Today mls nak write plus not in a gud mood..lately byk pkir mcm2..just upload pic of some food that i had today..tetiba cm byk lak mknan today..but unfortunately im not in the mood to eat...duhhh..anyway rezeki kan...mkn saje...syukur alhmdulillah...

Nasi Ayam

- ayam yg d perap ngan sos tiram, madu , kicap -

- chicken soup for the hungry soul ;p -

- sbb kn xde slera so ak juz smpan nie ntuk mkn dat day...nie lah bfast, lunch n diner skaligus.. -

- emo, emo jgk..mkn ttp kna mkn... (T_T) -

n lastly mnum pntg ngan teh panas n Kuih Lopes/Lopeh/Lopez?...mn2 je lh..yg pntg sodap


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