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Tuesday, January 5

BeAuTy bLoG ConTesT

Such an interesting contest, i think u y'all should join..sgt2 adore Sis Lynna yg organize the contest..she look so pretty n flawless, plus sgt2 stylish dlm berfashion..u inspired me! join the contest kli banner d bwh..term n condition as listed in the blog contest...due date 11th sempat lagi..n the prizes, sure can resist ny, Mary Kay come on n gud lucky luck darls ^_^

1. What’s your favorite makeup things at the moment??

- Hashmi Kajal probably the cheapest eye liner ever kot, ;p tp sgt suke..n affordable la ntuk student like me..

 - Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals, sgt2 smooth n bila apply kt muka terase kulit sgt lembut dan rata..n again affordable for me

p/s: humble saje make-up things sy, al-maklum lah yg termampu...but i likeeeeeee ;)


2. Are there any beauty MAKEUP/PERFUMES branded items on your wish list?

 - dah name pun wish list, msti lah sgt extra ordinary list nye..hehe.. InsyAllah one day nnt leh dpt..berusaha! ^_~

 - M.A.C Style Black Eyeshadow, actually any eyeshadow will do coz i more into color..but brand nie seems byk choice of color n plus i like cream one..i suke kaler2 dark coz suke the fierce look..

- Stila Lip Gloss, saw this on magazine tertarik sgt2..the color is so natural but yet chantek.. price quite expensive, but it on my wish harder!

- Bobbi Brown Brush Set, what not to love kan..brush yg sgt montel pasti ny beri effect make-up yg lbih marvelous

- Dunhill Desire for Woman, pnah gna skali offer that time..trus je rembat..sgt best bau nie, for me lah..

- Nina by Nina Ricci, teringin sgt nak gna this perfume..byk review psl this perfume..n one of the best-selling...wuwuwu...nakkkk2


3. What's Style and Outfit do you want on 2010?

-  hope this year dpt chance nak pkai abaya ( jubah arabic ), i simply lurve arabic fashion n also suke warna2 style yg i nak basically like pic d bwh..ouhhh..tempting ;p ..yg pntg my fashion style would be something simple but yet gorgeous n stylish..sopan n seswaii ngan ciri2 muslimah..n i lurve dress too...sape kta btudung x leh pkai dress..yg pntg kna pndai mix n match..


- sgt ske green outfit dlm both of my fav color..n the purple one, who can resist right? juling mate tgk lame2...wahhh...nakk2..

4. Lastly, pliss upload your latest gojes style with the beauty make-up

- hope this humble pic of mine is good enuff -

lastly, thnks kpd pnganjur ..hope sntiasa sihat, slmt mlahirkan baby twin..tke cre

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