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Monday, January 4

iTaLiaN DeLighT - Spicy Tuna Spaghetti for today.. Spicy Tuna Spaghetti tue reka2 sendri ok..sbb rsepi ciptaan sendri.. :D ..Cara2 wat nie sng je, plz refer tue previous entry: Bolognaise Spaghetti.. lebih krng sm je cara ny, cuma this one ak tukar gna isi tuna..y'all bleh choose nk gna tuna in oil/ in water.. i chose tuna in olive oil... turn out to be quite nice lah..sedapp owhhh! kot?...hehehe.. bjaya msk dlm ms yg sngkat n dpt kasi bdk umah sket..hope they like it.. for me..i like 'em so muchhh!

zoom..zoommm ;p

my dd bear pun mkn jgk tau

mkn smpi licin tmbah 2 kali....ya i know, i kuat mkn..enuff said...hehehe

p/s: actually 2 pnggan consider sikit, coz i sgt giler mkn spghtti, tp yg homemade je.. ^_~

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