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Sunday, January 31

WhaTs I've BeeN uP tO LaTeLy

Entry d buat smbil mnggu azan Isya'..bru je pas bace surah Yasin..dgn keadan msh lgi btelekung, trus je nak wat entry bru..hehhee.. its about something that I've been worked hard lately n still struggle to keep myself 2gether n get the job done..pas bc yasin tenang skit..hope dpt menulis dgn lbih baik..hope project pnyelidikan nie dpt klulusan dr lecturer2, ketua jbtn ms pbentangan nnt..n dpt siapkn projek secpt yg mngkin..Ameen...

my desk..

reviewed journal

stil got tonne remain untouched..huhu

books..related to my study..preparation 4 my project...

..and lastly my note book, cute isn't it.. i made the cover myself..
de quote to motivated myself...n of coz.. my name.. cik ShA-RiFa


  1. sila hantar dgn kadar segera atau carry mark anda akan dipotong setengah..hohohoho..

  2. euwhh..xde carry mark d cnie ok..bkn bdk degree ok




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