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Friday, January 21

my NYX hauls

 Oppps...tumpang lalu! fun facts : entry nie bln 12 taun lps la sgt fakta nie kan.. gara2 lupa tertgguh sudah psl my NYX haul sempena sale krimas ari tue..So alang2 dah tingat nie..nak share bout my 1st NYX haul..actually nie bkn 1st time ak beli brg NYX ..this is the 2nd time..but dulu tue someone yg beli kan..:D

Okay back to the story dpt packaging from my fren..directly from USA tau..So klu sesape rs nak beli brngn NYX let me know..i can get a reasonable price for you.. NYX nie brand yg femes dah kt oversea, kat msia pun dh mula di kenali..NYX nie high quality make-up yg sgt2 affordable compared to MAC, Bobbi Brown,  Paul & Joe dan lain2.. So dri beli sebtg lipstick MAC , ak beli dpt 3,4 btg lipstick NYX nie.. klu rs nak lebih info on this cosmetic sila google yea.. :D ..InsyAllah pasni ak akan post about my 3rd haul and product review.. since ade brg yg ak nk kena order lgi from US.. 

~ as u san see, my hauls consist of :

NYX Round Lipstick

*ouhh...sgt best tau! 

NYX Round Lipgloss

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

* wait for next entry as i swatch n review this fabulous product *
* i might considering taking order for this product, so anything that you're interested let me know :) *

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