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Monday, January 24

NYX Cosmetics Hauls

Now i own almost 30 NYX lippies..and i even thinking of getting more.. The first four NYX lipstick that i bought is the fast-selling Thalia, Tea Rose, Circe & Spellbound. I end up giving my spellbound to my mom since i hate the color. I wore few times , but that was it..because i'm more of lipgloss person. I seldom wear lipstick.but once i try Circe ( a perfect nude color for me ) , and seldom combine it with Thalia..I begin to love NYX Round Lipstick. Now i just can't get enuff of it.. Their lipgloss as good as their lipstick, so as their jumbo eye pencil n rouge cream blush. All of this become my new addiction. 

I finish doing swatches for my lippies n other NYX stuffs..stay tune for the next entry. btw, i will selling NYX product after this.. Anything that u like let me know. Details will be provided later. 

 ~ my latest NYX hauls, just arrive from USA..ouhhh weee ~

~ while doing my swatches n review for NYX cosmetics.. *messy ( bsepah2 meja ak mngerjakn menda alah nie )

~ some of my NYX me, I've got plenty more :D ~

* Next entry will be updated my NYX Round Lipstick swatches n product review  *

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