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Monday, January 24

NYX Round Lipstick - swatches & review part. 1-

*Entry ini bakal menggunakn bhsa inggeris, sbb tuan blog saje2 gatal..haha..gambar mulot2 kt bwh tue suma tuan blog punye bmulut manis je..bkn mulot laser..haha *

This is my swatches part 1. Hope that i can help u in the search for right lipstick color that suite your taste. 

my review for this NYX Round Lipstick 

Pros : 

- its a darn cheap! 
- keeps my lips moist and soft all day long
- too many color to choose..since i'm crazy about nude and softt color..i tend to by those a lot!
- love the packaging, it look so sleeks

Cons : 

- there's a smell thats everyone complaining about, but i can live with it.. 
- not a long lasting lipstick, i have re-aply every 2,3 hour.. but i'm ok with it..

what do you expect from this cheap yet high quality brand. I love NYX.. and i'm going to shop for MORE

 from left : Snow White, Doll, Frappucino, b52, Milan
* the top photo with flash, while the bottom one in natural light *

~ Snow White ~
- a perfect red lipstick, i seem to love it though i hate red lips. but this one looks very pretty

* with flash     

* in natural light

~ Doll ~
 - a pink, brownish lipstick.. -

* with flash     

* in natural light

~ Frappucino ~
- a brownish lipstick with a hint of peach..i seems to love this one -

* with flash     

* in natural light

~ b52 ~
- highly recommended, its a brownish, pink lipstick.. but not too pink.. suitable for everyday look ( ^_^ my fav. of the bunch )

* with flash     
* in natural light

~ Milan ~
- similar to b52, but this lipstick is brownish with a hint of purple..

* with flash     

* in natural light

*Attention readers : all of the above pictures belong to me, as i'm doing the swatches all by myself. Do no copy or  use my pictures WITHOUT my permission. You can get my permission by emailing me at :

* never thought that doing swatches is so tiring.  i try to explain the color in the most simplest way. i hope the pictures helps a lot..stay tune for my swatches part. 2


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