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Monday, January 24

Purple Theme Make-up

Make-up tutorial for my last Saturday outing (izin kn ak ntuk cuba berbahsa inggeris yea..hehe). My theme is PURPLE since i chose to wore purple puffy sleeve dress. Its my 1st puffy dress i think, and it turn out that i like it so2 much! back to main story..just want to share my make-up routine and what product that i've used. Girls out there, free to share any thought about it ya.. This makeup do is a bit i plan to dress up more that usual (make-up agak heavy sbb saje2 gatal dh lama x pkai make-up) :D


Eye Base - i use NYX Jumpo Pencil (Milk), i use this to enhance my eye make-up and to make it last longer

Eyeliner - Maybelline Liquid Liner, Elianto Eyeliner Pencil

Eyebrow - i use Manly Eyeshadow , dark brown u can seen from my I first use eyebrow pensil then follow by brown i shadow..for coloration..i always love dark brown eyebrow

Eyeshadow - Manly eyeshadow , 1. Dark Purple, 2. Striking Pink 3. Light Pink-purple-ish with shimmer..  and lastly i use white eyeshadow ( no.4) under the eyebrow line, to make my eyebrow look shapely. See, you don't have to shave or pulled your eyebrow in other to make it look thin n pretty. * x perlu mencabut bulu kening ntuk kelihatan cantik yea..

Mascara - Maybelline Express Volume


Nivea Lipbalm (natural)
NYX ROund Lipstick ( Power )

1st i based my lips with natural lip moisture the lips. The i apply my NYX Round Lipstick ( Power ). I love this color, its purple, lavender-ish . I like to wear a different color like this.. No many malaysian girl  wear purple on lips..but i do! and i seems to love it..hikkkss....


Foundation : MAC
Face powder : ZA two-way foundation
Blusher : NYX Rouge Cream Blush ( Boho Chic ), Avon's Bronzer

with suitable shoe and accessories, i'm ready to go out.. 




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