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Tuesday, May 10

Hepi Bday Mother!

Happy Birthday Mom

Thanks for being such a good mother
Thanks for taking care of us..

thanks for everything..May Allah swt bless u.. 

Love you! muahhh2!

Actually bday mak jatuh pd hari nie 10th May..but celebrate awal skit , ari ahad aritu ..celebrate bday plus mother's day skali.. we have so much fun eating , chatting, n cam-whoring of coz...hikks... enjoy the to lazy to write..duhhh

~ mom n her brand new Fossil watch *hadiah dri kami adik bradik~

~ Nine West wallet, Etienne Aigner handbag *dari kmi adik brdik~
~ other present is tops n blouse..ouhhh best ny dpt hadiah byk2..nak jgk mcm nie! :D ~

~ me n Dila ~

~ haruslah ade gmbr tuan punye blog..lalalala~

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